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Will all the pictures be edited?

Yes, all final pictures will be edited.

Do  you charge extra for editing times, travel etc.?

All costs will be incorporated with the service price.

Do I get to keep the pictures you didn’t edit? 

If you want them yes.

Do you travel to me? Or do I travel to you?

I like to make things easy for the client so I travel to you.

Do you travel to other cities, and states for work?

Of course! Message me and we can work details out on where and when; I am more than happy to travel to the customer around the nation. 

Are the promotions on your page free? 

Yes, comes with the package.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, 25% of the service price.

Do you have a retainer / deposit? 

Yes, 50% of the price when booking.

Do you sell what you photograph? 

No, I’m just a photographer.

What other services do you offer? 

Custom packaging, lifestyle photography, product photography as well as commercial videography for products and events.

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